State Planning Commission

Department of Planning, Economics & Statistics
Government of Madhya Pradesh


The State Planning Board was constituted through General Administration Departmentís resolution dated 24.10.1972. The Chief Minister is the Chairman of the State Planning Board. In addition, there is one Vice Chairman and 11 part-time Members.

After the promulgation of the District Planning Committees Act, 1995, District Planning Committees have been set up in all Districts of the State. Consequent to the 73rd and 74th amendments in the Constitution the three-tier Panchayati Raj system has been established in the State and the urban local bodies have also been revitalised. In consonance with Article 243ZD of the Constitution, the elected members of Zila Panchayats and Urban Local Bodies comprise 4/5th of the members of the District Planning Committees.

The main functions of the State Planning Board are :


                    To assess the resources of the State and to prepare schemes for their effective utilisation.


                    To assist the District Planning Officers in preparing District Plan proposals, so that they may be incorporated in the overall Plan.


                    To ascertain the causes impeding growth of the State economy and to suggest measures for removing regional imbalance.


                    To monitor progress of Plan schemes, and suggest changes in developmental policies.


                    To decide Plan priorities.